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Periodic Report Summary 1 - WORLDBRIDGES (Philosophy of History and Globalisation of Knowledge. Cultural Bridges Between Europe and Latin America.)

Bridges are built to interchange not only goods, but also knowledge, received historical heritage and ethical-political projects that can complement one another. International cooperation can only be fruitful if it is based on real dialogue, interaction and engagement, in this specific case that of Europe, Euro-Mediterranean and Latin America. The exchange scheme WORLDBRIDGES consists in facilitating exchange of ideas and experiences among philosophers and historians who deal with different aspects of globalisation and explore the options of using tools of history and philosophy to actively shape globalizing processes. The main contribution of this project is to examine and stress the fundamental role knowledge has played and should continue to play in globalisation, in the so-called “society of knowledge”, supported by contemporary theories of the epistemic justification in the study of history. To facilitate the joint production of knowledge, WORLDBRIDGES aims at deepening existing cooperation as well as connecting new partners and integrating new approaches and research areas. For that purpose, the exchange scheme is designed to promote following scientific activities: networking, joint research and publication, training and dissemination. The beneficiaries are the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Madrid, University of Potsdam, Technical University of Dresden and the Istanbul University. Partner organisations in Third Countries are the Centro de Investigaciones Científicas in Buenos Aires and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

The first important progress of the project has consisted in establishing fruitful dialogue between historians and philosophers. This has evolved mainly around the issue of political and philosophical dimensions of knowledge production. The historians and historians of science (IU, UNAM, UP) have brought into the project the empirical data and historically situated analyses of globalization of knowledge (circulation of models, urbanization, nuclear energy, genetics, etc.). The philosophers of science and of history (TUD, CSIC, CIF, UNAM) have stressed the need to fight the lack of dialogue and interconnections due to growing institutional and intellectual fragmentation, pointing to the fact that this lack of communication has serious political and social implications. Together, we are aiming at handling the universal and local dimensions of knowledge in a way that would make our analyses both historically rigorous and socially relevant. We are now developing practical ways of pursuing a creative dialogue that overcomes false consensus and is based on full acceptance of the difference. We have started to publish and disseminate the innovative tools of interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue that are being developed in WORLDBRIDGES within and beyond the academia, as we believe that this experience is transferrable and useful.

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