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iTools4MC Report Summary

Project ID: 334840
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Switzerland

Mid-Term Report Summary - ITOOLS4MC (Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: A Tool Kit for Accessing Molecular Complexity)

Progress in synthetic organic chemistry has changed our everyday life. Based on the methods developed in the last 300 years, we are now able to discover and develop new medicines, new agrochemicals and new materials. Nevertheless, the modern society is now facing unprecedented challenges, such as food supply, global health issues or energy supply, which can be only answered by the availability of more complex molecules with increased efficency. Important examples are less-toxic pesticides, new antibiotics to overcome resistance or materials allowing better energy storage/production. In this race towards better molecules, synthesis itself is often the bottle neck, and a tremendous effort in the fundamental development of new synthetic methodologies will be needed in the future.
In this project, a new toolbox of chemical reagents is developed, which has the potential to greatly accelerate the synthesis of important chemicals and to allow the discovery of new molecules. These "hypervalent iodine" reagents are non-common derivatives of simple iodine which display enhanced reactivity. They allow the functionalization of organic molecules in innovative ways, giving a very fast access to new chemical structures. Combined with the right catalyst, the transfer of useful functionalities to simple and more complex molecules can be achieved at room temperature, often without the need for special precautions or extended technical skills. Important building blocks for the synthesis of bioactive compounds such as drugs or agrochemicals could be already obtained, and numerous applications can be expected in the future, not only in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry, but also in the investigation of biological systems and the synthesis of new materials.

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