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Development of binder systems for injection moulding of ceramics

The research concerns the development of binder systems (a solid with a melting point ideally in the range 50 to 80 C) suitable for the injection moulding of ceramics and for the extraction of the binder by supercritical carbon dioxide. Binder components have been identified and used to produce moulding mixes; binder additives, such as viscosity modifiers and surface active agents, have been identified and used to optimize the moulding mixes particularly to increase the powder loading to a maximum; the techniques for the supercritical extraction of injection moulded components have been established and a code of practice developed; components have been successfully moulded, extracted and sintered in a range of ceramic materials; recycling of the binder has been shown to be feasible making this a clean technology; the cost of using supercritical extraction has been shown to be about double that of thermal debinding.

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Fairey Tecramics Limited
ST15 0PU Stone
United Kingdom