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HTPush Report Summary

Project ID: 666167

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HTPush (Universal and compatible system for plumbing and heating)

Reporting period: 2015-04-01 to 2016-01-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The aim of our project is to design, manufacture, validation and commercialization of an innovative line of coupling elements and control fluid flow, for both domestic hot water and heating circuits.

The innovation of our project lies in the universal nature of our design, compared to competitor's equivalent product available on the market, which is characterized as a non-compatible design interbrand pipe.

Thus, our couplings allow an extremely easy installation without complicated tools. They are perfectly suited to work in old facilities and housing rehabilitation by allowing coupling pipes from various sources and manufacturers.

Similarly, its unique mechanism of sealing by O-rings offers a simplicity of incomparable mounting any other equivalent product from our competitors, for use, no training or specific qualification of operators required, no expensive or complex tools are needed, not chemical adhesives or welding is used, as well as our facilities are being completely removable and recoverable.

Under this approach, our project aims to conduct relevant for the manufacture of a complete range of coupling elements engineering, covering the reference measurements in piping hot water, as well as introducing a complementary range of valves fluidly using our technology push-fitting.

After the design phase of fittings and valves, it proceeds to the design of the injection molds required for production, through injection process of plastic materials, for the developed parts. Before machining, we run a simulation process using mold flow techniques. Finally, we generate machining CAM files to be delivered to the machining center.

Mold machining is performed in three and five axes machining centers, getting the mold ready for the testing and validation process, completely finished or either mods should be necessary.

Injection tests will be performed in machinery provided by Plásticos Hita, the parent company of Hita Plastics group.

Thus, the entire process of engineering, design, machining and manufacturing are done internally, without subcontracting of work or services, with the sole exception of external validations of design and mold work flow calculation, these works that although they are carried out internally, are externally validated too in order to ensure and validate the quality and performance of the product, both in use and in its manufacturing cycle.

Once produced and validated, it must move to the phase of commercial launch, product presentation and establishment of distribution networks. In this case, the commercial policy of our group is to forge alliances with representation and distribution agents a solid and steady implementation in the countries of destination. HTP actively participates in international fairs dedicated to installers and water treatment, either through its own stand, as sharing space with those companies which have closed distribution agreements in the various markets.

Knowing that technically the HTpush product was at the highest level, we recognize from the beginning of the project a clear weakness in terms of image or brand recognition, being our major competitors companies, with the large market being all usual brands for our target customers ( end) users.

In our first surveys and studies we detect two potential types of target companies as potential partners in penetration.

· Type 1: Large manufacturers of complementary products to our HTpush system, ie domestic manufacturers of quality products that will appeal to them the incorporation of a product to complement its portfolio, giving the manufacturer the possibility of attacking another level distribution chain or strengthening its portfolio to the final consumer.

· Type 2: Large companies distribution of products for the sector with the greatest possible path and knowledgeable in sales and distribution of technical products and quality.

In both cases it is essential that the partner possesses a brand recognized as a perfect complement to HTP.

After the experience of these early years we have managed to further define this presorting and even anticipate that we will find a partner in that country after the previous analysis and market studies.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

"Under the initially defined objectives in our project, this first implementation phase has been mainly focused on the technical work of design and execution of the various models of fitting and valves, intended to be part of HTP product catalog.

Our engineering department, working constantly with the close collaboration of Hindemol (company belonging to Grupo Plastics Hita), has generated designs set of elements of a comprehensive catalog covering linear connections, angles, tees, multiple heads, valves, etc. each of these elements made in a total of six to eight different diameters measurement coupling.

As a complementary detail, all the entire design processes and CAD-CAE-CAM manufacturing has been done using the Cimatron tool, which is the unified work platform for all integrated parts into the Hita Group companies.

Following the completion of CAD designs, and because of the complex conditions of processing the engineering plastics (PPSU) used in the manufacture of our fittings, it has undertaken a review of CAD files as well as performing calculations moldflow , by the technical services of the Plastic Technology Centre of the Region of Murcia, CETEC, an organization dedicated to providing support to industries in the processing of plastic materials sector.

After validation of designs, we have passed to the stage of manufacturing injection molds. This activity takes place on the premises of Hindemol, group company dedicated to machining, manufacturing and maintenance of injection molds used by all companies.

Hindemol activity capacity has been dedicated almost entirely, during 2015, to the manufacturing of the required molds. Whereas the current catalog contains more than 250 references, it is easily understandable intuit the workload generated in the manufacture of molds.

The 2016 catalog Push-Fit line HTP can be downloaded from the following link:!MVJwhKLT

The test protocol followed for the prior validation of each component developed has followed the EN12295, UNE-EN ISO 1167, EN ISO 1167, EN 12293, EN 712 and EN 12294 standards.

Likewise, each piece is subjected to a total of five tests according internal protocol, regarding residual stress, internal water pressure after residual stress, internal pressure at break, tensile break and dimensional control.
After passing quality tests and pre-production design, we have moved to manufacturing, using injection equipment Plastics Hita, the parent company of the group.
Production, except for the adaptation of machines to work at high temperatures required by the PPSU, does not involve major singularities in relation to an industrial process of plastic injection.

The next step is the presentation of the new resultant product market, action is taking place simultaneously with the homologation of the fittings in the countries of destination.
Regarding the approval process, we are in the process of obtaining certification in three countries:

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: We have obtained valid health certification for these three countries and reference in the rest of the CIS area.


DVGW Germany

BHRC Iran: Official certification in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Finally, with regard to the presentation, promotion and marketing of our new product, we itemize it in relation to the different geographical areas in which our product is being introduced.


Roth Industries is our main partner and collaborator:

Currently Roth is distributing our material in Spain and Portugal since 2014 after obtaining the necessary certifications and approvals. Getting great results reaching market shares of 10% in the second year of marketing.

We are already immersed in planning and preparing the next edition of ISH Frankfurt 2017 we consider to be the go-to product for all these countries.


Russia 1: Collaboration agreement with the company "OOO Sunklimate" trademarked ELSEN Systems

We've been two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016, with presence at the fair for the sector in the country, AQUATHERM Moscow this being an appointment with obligatory presence. Its last edition was in February of this year 2015 obtaining year after year a bigger presence in number of stands.

Collaboration agreement with the company "OOO Layf Prodaks" is non-exclusive and marketing customized material is marked as "Rostherm 3G". Through this collaboration we introduce our product in the great chain of distribution and international reference "Leroy Merlin". Currently our material is present in three centers of this brand and the addition of three more centers are expected in the coming months.

Exclusive distribution contract for the country with the company "SAGA Impex".

Distribution Agreement with the company "Santehplast"

Distribution agreement in force with the company "BIPROST MARKET"

Distribution Agreement with the company "Aquaexpert", this company imports materials for the construction sector.


In 2015 we signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the next 5 years with the company "TAZAMONI Bazargani FALHATI VA Shoraka" with trade name Falahati Trading.

We already had presence in its latest national trade fair and we are organizing and preparing the next presence to September with a larger area and better positioning.

EURO ZONE (outside the agreement with Roth Industries).

Trade Agreement with the company "NGBS Hungary Kft"


We currently have several open contacts with different companies in the Indian market which we understand it is for us one of our great bet for the near future due to the size of the market and continued growth in recent years and also positive forecasts."

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

Upcoming trade project actions by geographical area:

Thanks largely to the support received by the European Commission through the H2020 program Instrument SMEs, our project for the next few months pretends to fortify our customers giving them our full support to training and marketing level by the following:

Visits to its facilities for organizing dissemination and training techniques in our products days.

Organization of trade fairs offering technical support and information material as well as on-site support personnel of our enterprise
Obtaining or maintaining certifications necessary for the correct and legal distribution of products.

Organization of visits to our facilities by staff and representatives of the partners, customers or potential asset companies.
All these actions will be common to all countries / markets in which we are currently present or we are in partners search process, in each area there will be specific actions that we will detail.

1 Euro zone:

Our plans are to increase the assiduity of travels, keeping the training sessions, and adding the test days involved with the DVGW certification.

2 Rusia-CIS:

In the coming days we will have a round of trips to visit all our customers in the area. To strengthen partnerships and organize outreach and training techniques installers (end users of our products) days.


We are organizing a visit of our clients to our installations during the month of June
In parallel we have confirmed our presence at the trade fair IRAN HVAC & R scheduled for between 17 and 20 of next October.

4. Euro Area (outside the agreement with Roth Industries).

5. India:

At present we are in defining final details of the collaboration agreement, that is being defined for the next 5 years exclusively for the distribution and marketing of our products.

Due to this situation, during the coming months we pretend to sign the agreement, beginning with the training sessions, and meeting with certifying companies for consulting costs and deadlines in order to obtain the necessary certifications in order to sell HTP products in the Republic of India.

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