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Dummy modelling for car crash simulation

The foam and rubber modelling results are as follows:
development of basic knowledge on foam and rubber behaviour, relative to impact events;
a database of experimental data on foams and rubbers used in dummies;
development and implementation in RADIOSS F.E. explicit code of new material laws for foam and rubber suitable for simulation of such materials in crash events;
identification of the material parameters necessary for the modelling of the most relevant dummy parts.

Hybrid-III dummy modelling involved two versions, a 'fine' version (6500 deformable elements) for accurate simulation of frontal impact events for biomechanical dummy outputs and a 'coarse' version (2500 finite deformable elements) operating as a loading numerical device for occupant restraint systems. The accuracy level of the 'fine' model respected the planned characteristics, guaranteeing the following performances:
15 % error limit in terms of kinematics;
30 % error limit in terms of biomechanical output.

Lateral impact was faced with the Eurosid-1 dummy modelled in 'detailed' version (8000 elements). The final performances of the model, with respect to a wide range of test configurations, allows the error limit for biomechanical outputs to be maintained globally below 30 % in terms of 'injury criteria' indicators (ribs deflection, viscous criterion, abdominal force).

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