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New powder coatings for wood processes

Research was carried out in order to replace solvent based coatings with powder coatings (containing no organic solvents) for woods in order to avoid emissions and improve environmental preservation. The necessary condition achiev good flow is low viscosity of the binder at the curing condition; therefore crystalline polymers were developed to assure this behaviour. Three formulations where prepared in the laboratory which have a good change of producing coatings with the desired curing properties. The main problems were encountered in the processing of the resins since the conventional technique by extrusion for manufacturing powder coatings is not suitable for crystalline polymers. The only suitable compounding technique found at the laboratory stage is the solubilization of the binder in suitable organic solvents and its further lyophilization. However, this technique does not meet the main aim of the project which does not foresee any presence of organic solvent during the whole process. Limited availability of equipment and time did reduce performance testing. The problems encountered did not lead to immediate industrial applications but it is believed that a new project focused on the compounding technique should easily lead to important industrial applications.

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