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Computer aided logistic system for chilled food distribution

CALS is a fourth generation computer package designed to assist companies of all sizes, to manage their chilled food logistics. This assistance is based on the concept of predicting problems before they occur, by tracking orders versus predicted orders and supply versus predicted supply. This information is available to the operatives as they work so that predicted problems can be managed as soon as they become evident. This problem solving approach will have a major impact on reducing waste on chilled products. Products with differing sell-by dates and sell-within dates are catered for by the system. The system also integrates directly with electronic data interchange (EDI) standard documents so that a number of connected businesses can share their information. This concept will therefore allow businesses of all sizes to integrate with the wider EDI world. In order to deal within quality control standards tracking is incorporated by product code, batch or unique case code and any combination of the above, the system will respond to the level of detail that it is presented with.

The outline structures of such a system have been developed and proof has been given that the concept could be developed. A full working system is now being developed. To do this we are interested in meeting like minded companies who have a requirement to develop such a system with us:-

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Carton Bros Ltd
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