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A shop floor planning and control system for the printing industry

Strengthening the competitiveness of the European printing industry by reducing the overall costs induced during the production process was the overall objective of the project. Two complementary ways have been explored to achieve this: the introduction of a decentralized organizational structure for the production planning process, and the development of a flexible, efficient software system to support this process.

Based on experiences from other industry branches, a big step has been taken towards the availability of a specialized production planning system for the printing industry. PRINTPLAN Partner (a marketing and development joint venture) will assume the task to complete the development of the planning system, and to promote its usage throughout the industry. The expectation of high merchantability of the software product is supported by the high resonance the project and the first software prototype evoked in the printing industry of several European countries.

Evidence for the usefulness of a strongly decentralized production planning process could not be found. In fact, this would be in contrast to the aim of producing a near to optimal master schedule for the whole production process. Instead, decentralizing certain competences (eg the decision on optimal setup sequences on the printing press to the foreman of the printing shop) seems a promising way to optimize efficiency in the production process.

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