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Modern machining technologies and production techniques in the European subcontracting industry

Research was carried out in order to develop modern machining technologies and production techniques in the subcontracting industry, particularly the machining industry in the European Union. These objectives were realized through the following research subjects:
the forming of screw thread in high-alloy steels (optimum parameters for screw threads forming in high-alloy steels have been determined, tool lifetime tests have been conducted and a comparison between the tapping and the forming of internal screw thread in high-alloy steels was made;
the concept of a milling chips centrifuge (the concept and its components have been further detailed and calculated).
the mechanical alignment of circular saw blades (a prototype machine was built for the testing of results obtained);
concept development for the automatic assembly of a rack gear (a mechanical and automated assembly method was developed);
the development of a zero-tolerance gear rack driving assembly (design calculations have been made, a solution for tensioning of the gear wheels has been chosen and the first prototype has been tested and evaluated);
the development of a high-frequency aluminium milling unit (the prototype milling units have been upgraded to meet the requirements and the unit is now commercially available);
efficiency improvement in the production process (the known and foreseen customer demands have been analysed and a package of requirements has been drawn up);
efficiency improvement in the production process (machines have been developed that combine both turning and milling capabilities and these new development will enable further reduction in production lead times by eliminating the transfer of products from one machine to another);
cost reduction by efficiency improvement in small and medium sized enterprise (SME) production (a software linkage was developed between a production control package and a calculation package);
implementing modern supply strategy in machining SMEs (a specific quality management handbook is now available).

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