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ARCANGEL-ALPHA — Result In Brief

Project ID: 270598
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: United Kingdom

Aircraft safety circuit

An EU team devised a breaker-circuit suitable for new high-power aircraft electrical systems. The team developed algorithms enabling the circuit to automatically detect electrical arcs, representing a safety improvement.
Aircraft safety circuit
Modern passenger aircraft are changing from an old 120V AC electrical standard to 230V AC and 270-540V DC systems. The increased power supports the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept, which saves weight and maintenance but also increases the risk of electrical faults.

Critical to the MEA is the ability to detect, characterise and isolate electrical faults. The EU-funded ARCANGEL-ALPHA (Arcing and next generation electrical airplane power hazard abatement) project developed a system able to provide the ability. Research methods combined computer modelling and experimental testing.

The study extended existing subject knowledge. Researchers produced numerous Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker (AFCB) designs for 120V AC and 28V DC aircraft power distribution. Work also yielded techniques necessary for the collection of arc characteristics at higher voltages.

Results yielded algorithms able to recognise electrical arcs, and demonstrator arc detection modules.

The project's innovations support the MEA system, which facilitates greener and safer aviation.

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