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CESAME — Result In Brief

Project ID: 620103
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: France

New aircraft superalloy

An EU team compared one aircraft engine alloy against a new potential replacement. Tests confirmed AD730® as an effective replacement, having similar properties but being easier to make.
New aircraft superalloy
Europe's move towards greener aviation requires new, more efficient engines that need high-performance alloys. The obvious candidate is the U720Li alloy, but the metal is costly to produce.

The EU-funded CESAME (Cost effective superalloy for advanced modern engine) project considered the AD730® alloy as an alternative. Developed by a European company, AD730® has superior strength and heat-performance capabilities while being simpler and cheaper to manufacture. The project's research team compared the two alloys and demonstrated the capabilities of AD730®.

CESAME manufactured 2 sets of 10 aircraft engine parts, 1 set from each alloy. Mechanical and ultrasonic testing results showed that AD730® performance was generally similar and in some cases superior to U720Li. In particular, the study demonstrated that manufacturing AD730® does not require isothermal presses, allows more scraps recycling, and that larger ingots can be used.

The team concluded that AD730® is an effective substitute.

CESAME qualified the new alloy for aviation use. This development will help European businesses to compete internationally and aid the transition to greener aviation.

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