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STOM — Result In Brief

Project ID: 606010
Funded under: FP7-SME
Country: Italy
Domain: Information and communication technology

Semantic technology gives way to a variety of new software solutions

The latest research in semantic technology has led to the development and promotion of a powerful new annotation tool to support digital libraries. It has also resulted in a novel software solution to organise corporate or entertainment events more efficiently and effectively.
Semantic technology gives way to a variety of new software solutions
A few years ago, the EU-funded SEMLIB (Semantic tools for digital libraries) project successfully developed novel software solutions to make searching digital libraries easier and more productive. In particular, two software tools emerged from the project, helping to overcome inefficiencies and bottlenecks in searchability.

One tool is a web annotation system which enables users to annotate web pages and link these notes to other web pages or web objects. It is ideal for collaborative projects and showing connections in seemingly unrelated objects.

The other tool is a linked data recommendation system that relies on semantic technologies to recommend additional similar content to users.

In early 2016, the EU-funded STOM (SemLib to Market) project took this ground-breaking research to the next level, overseeing the exploitation of the previous project’s outcomes into two new commercial platforms: Pundit and EventPlace.

Powered with Semantic Web technologies and with a user interface characterized by a coherent and elegant design, Pundit can be considered the ultimate tool for web annotation, to easily highlight, comment and create semantic annotations on text fragments in any web page.

EventPlace is a full service solution for events, to better drive, connect and engage with their audiences and to create more compelling content and experiences. With features that fit all types of events - small, medium and large events both public and corporate ones - it accommodates the needs of event organisers and planners for marketing their events, in all phases of the event lifecycle: before, during and after.

To achieve its goals, the STOM project conducted business exploitation scenarios that highlighted the huge potential of these two products for B2B and B2C markets. It released the products in demo versions so that it could analyse their use and perfect them for commercialisation.

The project team then updated the project website and marketed the new products via different web channels, as well as through several events and conferences. It identified the relevant market segments, namely academic researchers, professionals such as journalists, lawyers, and doctors, as well as students and teachers for Pundit, and event organizers for EventPlace.

Both Pundit and EventPlace are well positioned to become important software solutions on the market that have emerged from the efforts of STOM.

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