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Fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers

A-B-A block fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers (FTPE) were synthesized using an original microemulsion polymerization technology called Branching and Pseudoliving, able to prepare FTPEs with high temperature stability network structures. Using particular monomer compositions for the soft and the hard block, the following product profile was achieved:
temperature use range from -40 C to 120 C;
compatibility with initially greased lubricated air for pneumatic circuits, mineral oils, natural (rape seed) and hydraulic synthetic esters, central hydraulics, helicopter aircraft hydraulic fluids, aircraft fuels, refrigerant 134a and lubricants (air conditioning) automotive fuels, acoustic test fixture (ATF) gear;
better friction properties than existing fluoroelastomers especially in pneumatic applications;
coverage including industrial fluidpower systems, automotive, aircraft, oil and gasfield exploration (partly), food and drug machinery, hydraulic systems. Additional tools, such as annealing and radiation cross-linking, giving surprisingly improved mechanical and sealing properties, were developed. A special multicomponent addition technique, able to impart excellent processing behaviours was also developed. At the end of the project fluorinated thermoplastic elastomers of showing outstanding performances, were obtained. Hoses and o-rings were produced and tested.

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