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Final Report Summary - MONETAXESS (Set-up a EURAXESS Services Network in Moldova)

Executive Summary:
The current report summaries the consortium achievements during the MoNetAxess project implementation period: 01/10/2013 - 31/03/2016. The progress is in-line with the initial planning as this is described in the Description of Work. It should be noticed that the project is based on the legacy of the TOP II project which ended on 30th June 2014.
The main objectives were:
* To build and develop EURAXESS Services Centres and LoCPs network in Moldova;
* To increase the visibility of Moldovan EURAXESS services at national and international levels
* To up to date and offer accessible information on EURAXESS National Portal
* To link EURAXESS to SME/Industry and to attract research in industry
* To promote the implementation of Charter &Code principles at national level and to develop a national C&C network
* To develor a support mechanism for researchers in their mobility experience (incoming/outgoing).

Project Context and Objectives:
The main objectives of the MoNetAxess Project:
• To create the Moldovan Service network aiming at supporting mobile researchers by involving universities, research institutes, governmental agencies and companies;
• To set-up a system facilitating researchers’ mobility through the SC and LoCPs;
• To develop quality assistance in mobility related issues for researchers in dealing with legal and administrative matters like visa issues, temporary stay, work and residence permits, health and social security issues, as well as to develop services and proximity assistance by various means and deliver practical information on accommodation, day-care or education for children and give advice on job opportunities for the accompanying partner;
• To provide training facilities to officials and administrators dealing with mobility related issues;
• Providing access to a complete range of information and support services for European and Moldovan scientists in advancing their careers;
• Offering access to the R&D job market in Moldova and Europe wide;
• Supporting scientific organizations in recruiting outstanding research talents from abroad by setting-up the EURAXESS Network Services in Moldova.

Project Results:
Main results obtained in the reference reporting period: 01/10/2013 - 31/03/2016.
In short, the following main activities have been carried out:
• It was set the EURAXESS National Network – 1 BHO, 2 SCs, 25 LoCPs
• National Launch of portal;
• The MoNetAxess web portal was launched in 27th September 2014, while several tools/services have been developed to facilitate the creation of long term collaboration among EURAXESS Service providers and beneficiaries, namely:
• Newsletter – the possibility to follow the latest news, info’s via an monthly newsletter;
• Help Desk online – daily 8 hours support for any kind of questions appear;
• FAQ – all repeated questions are formalised in FAQ compartment – it is monthly up-dated.
• Social Media and SEO optimization of the web-site.
• University of Academy of Sciences of Moldova was awarded with the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo;
• Was elaborated the Guide for Foreign Researchers coming to Moldova;
• Was performed the Survey of Industry/SME’s needs from the EURAXESS National network
• Were identified 4 groups of stakeholders and targeted training modules were elaborated;
• The project supported the organisation of various events focusing on promoting EURAXESS Services (Info days, Trainings, Science Slam, Researchers Night 2013, Road Show 2014 - Bucharest etc.);
• The promotional material has been designed and developed, namely the common leaflet and presentation, the project logo, the template for the development of the e-Newsletters, etc.
• The official launch of 3 EURAXESS SCs – Center for International Projects of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Comrat State University – South SC, Balti State University “Alecu Russo” – North SC
• National portal update;
• Was established the mechanisms of implementation of Charter and Code-s principles in Moldovan research organizations;
• Two more research organizations were awarded with the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo (State University of Moldova, National Institute for Economic Research);
• Five more organizations are running the process of Logo award (Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (, Information Society Development Institute (, Institute of Legal and Political Research of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (, JUSTSTUDIUMANIMA Limited Liability Company (, State University of Comrat ( )
• Were developed the consultations framework on EURAXESS services and H2020 funding opportunities; EURAXESS Network integration with National H2020 NCP Network;
• For the first time the EURAXESS Road Show 2015 was coming to Chisinau – November 5th 2015;
• Were organised trainings for 4 groups of stakeholders identified in the first part of the project;
• The project supported the organisation of various events focusing on promoting EURAXESS Services (Info days, Trainings, Science Slam, Researchers Night 2015, Europe’s Day in Moldova, Info Invent 2015 etc.);
• Many promotional material has been presented during important national events.
• EURAXESS logo was posted on more than 50 web-pages;
• During the project life 6 newsletters were elaborated, disseminated to more than 1000 mailing addresses using EURAXESS mailing lists and H2020 NCP’s mailing lists.

Potential Impact:
The main impact of the MoNetAxess project represents the developed EURAXESS Services Network in Moldova by creating the local ERUAXESS Services Centers and Local Contact Points which provide access to a complete range of information and support services for European and Moldovan scientists in advancing their careers, offering access to the R&D job market in Moldova and EU and supporting Moldovan scientific organizations in recruiting outstanding research talents abroad by facilitation of their mobility.
We've stimulated the Industry-academia partnerships which had an impact over the increased number of Academia-industry joint H2020 proposals presented.
We contributed to the is life-long training and career development' to support experienced researchers in complementing or acquiring new skills and competencies or in enhancing inter/multidisciplinarity and/or intersectorial mobility.
Via EURAXESS services the Republic of Moldova integrated in ERA by practicing income and outgoing informational support to researchers.

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