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Periodic Report Summary 1 - ANAPHI-PROMO (Analog Photonic Information Processing Modules)

The objective of the project is to develop designs for new photonic modules for information and signal processing. In particular, the project focuses on the development of a mathematical and physical model to describe fibre-optic and integrated photonic based designs of all optical tunable and programmable optical filters and potentially fabricate them using photonic integrated circuit techniques or photonic crystal platform. Currently, we have developed the mathematical formalism to describe and analyze photonic modules based on interferometric structures that use fibre loop mirrors as reflectors. We have shown the potential to obtain a variety of intensity transfer functions, from square like pass band to notch and sinusoid. Such designs are based on the same simple photonic platform and can provide the different responses by adjusting fibre loop mirror reflectivity values and optical paths within the interferometric structures. In addition we have shown that a simple interferometric structure that is comprised by a cascade of a Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) with a nested dual MZI, can be designed to provide highly linear field amplitude response. This linear response in the field amplitude transfer function can be adjusted to have either positive or negative slope. Such a device is critical in the implementation of frequency discriminator filters with many applications in the RF signal processing. The proposed device has ultra-linear optical amplitude response, and high linear phase response (or constant group delay) across a large bandwidth. The proposed FD filter is based on mature and robust Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) elements that can be fabricated on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) providing very stable and compact devices.
The CIG grant has helped the fellow join the host institution, the Hellenic Air Force Academy, Greece, at the rank of Associate Professor. He has established collaborations within the Institution, as well as nationally and internationally. Part of the work has been presented in international conferences and national workshops.

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