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MemRegPro Report Summary

Project ID: 337187
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - MEMREGPRO (How Membrane Physical Properties and Cortical Actin Regulate Protein Interactions During T Cell Signalling)

This project aims to develop single-molecule super-resolution microscopy methods and apply them to the understanding of the spatial arrangement and architecture of molecules at the T cell immunological synapse. We have achieved a new, model-based method for the quantification of protein clustering in single-molecule microscopy data which is more accurate than those currently available and does not require arbitrary user-defined analysis parameters which can severally bias the results. In Rubin-Delanchy et al, Nature Methods 2015, we demonstrate this technique and use it to describe the clustering of TCRzeta - a key signalling protein - in resting and activated T cells. A protocol for the use of this method is currently in press at Nature Protocols and we have recently extended the technique to 3D and live-cell imaging. We are further developing our statistical analysis methodology for the analysis of not only clustered proteins, but also those forming fibrous patterns such as components of the cell cytoskeleton.

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