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Knowledge/sensor based quality and process control for concrete product manufacturing

The project concerned the application of solutions offered by modern information and sensor technologies to the concrete industry, where the potential of such advanced technologies has not been sufficiently exploited up to now. The technical tasks of the project involved a fundamental development process model, organized in the following phases: analysis, specification, development, system integration, test. The development concept also included the realization of research and development demonstrators and for long term field tests industrial demonstrator systems were installed on small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sites. In the course of the project several essential conceptual and technical results were obtained. From the analysis phase some of the main results were: a sensitivity model for the concrete production process describing the influences of raw material (aggregate) characteristics upon the concrete product and quality features; quantification of the accuracy requirements for the microwave sensor systems; an extended overview about advanced compensation strategies and control concepts based on moisture sensor information (eg moisture of aggregates) in connection with process parameters and recipe related expert knowledge. The results from the specification phase, development phase and test phase clearly indicated that the productivity and reliability of industrial concrete production systems can be increased based on the developed sensor-based control concepts and microwave-based moisture measurement technology. But they also showed that to finally achieve the long term stability and robustness required for the industrial application, extended fault tolerant control strategies (based on sensor and analytical redundancy and enhanced microwave concepts compensating the effect of sieve line variations upon the measured moisture values) are needed. A further important result was that the integration effort of the control system in the existing production environment can be very high because of missing standard interfaces and the different production facilities and technologies used by the SME concrete product manufacturers.

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