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Relating sensory, instrumental and consumer choice studies: SENS

The SENS Action has brought several highly innovative statisticians into contact with sensory and food scientists. The partners demonstrated a high level of awareness of the part that statistics and other information technologies can play in food research. Several laboratories are now acquiring special purpose software for partial Least Squares and Generalised Proctustes Analysis to augment powerful general purpose statistical packages.

A new rheological method, a dynamic compression, has been applied to cheeses. Examination of the potential relationships between sensory data and instrumental (biochemical and rheological) data has been developed through an experimentation shared by several European laboratories. The establishment of a guide for sensory analysis of texture, to be used by trained panels (and also to train panels), ended by preliminary examination of the potential relationships to rheological data. A model for texture measurements of cheese has been developed and is printed in 5 languages. The information flow has been organized through the newsletter SENSNEWS and a series of reports and papers from meetings and workshops.

The taste panels tests where five different panels evaluated the texture of 20 hard and semi-hard cheeses resulted in the publication of guidelines for the sensory analysis of hard and semi-hard cheese of use to food technologists and the food industry. Workshop topics included the total food quality concept; consumers' quality demands in the future; cultural diversity versus food choice and food product perception versus the European open market.

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