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RICH Informe resumido

Project ID: 646713
Financiado con arreglo a: H2020-EU.1.4.

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - RICH (Research Infrastructures Consortium for Horizon 2020)

Reporting period: 2016-06-01 hasta 2017-11-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

"RICH is a 48 months project having the a specific objective: Facilitate trans-national co-operation between NCPs for research infrastructures with a view to identifying and sharing good practices and raising the general standard of support to programme applicants, taking into account the diversity of actors that make up the constituency of the Research Infrastructures Part.
In order to reach the overall goal a set of specific objectives have been established and the plan of activities implanted accordingly, in particular:

To enhance the highly professional support services operating nationally:
o All NCPs are informed about the RICH activities
o 39 MoUs signed giving access to the intranet and to the RICH services
o Virtual Helpdesk is in operation

To promote an equal and consistent level of support services throughout Europe:
o 3 trainings on “Train the trainer”, “WP2018-2020” and “proposal evaluation”
o 2 expert2 dialogues on the “ESFRI and the Roadmap 2018 Update” and on ""International Cooperation in Research Infrastructures""
o FAQs updated

To promote of trans-national and virtual access:
o 2 videos produced
o Search facility up and running
o Presentation of relevant TAS opportunities during infodays and at NCPs networks events

To create synergies with other NCPs networks:
o All networks contacted and schedule of joint activities drafted
o One single entry point per network
o Common initiatives have been organised (joint events, webinars...)

To reinforce the cooperation with other policy and international cooperation oriented measures for research infrastructures:
o Symposium on ""Fostering the Innovation Potential of Research Infrastructures"" organised

To implement feedback mechanisms (mainly EC, NCPs and coordinators):
o Feedback forms are in place for all RICH events and initiatives
o NCP networks, RIs project coordinators, Relevant stakeholders have been contacted
o Structured feedback to the EC is in place

To build on the past experience and achievements gained in EuroRis-Net and EuroRis-Net+ projects:
o Both the website and Observatory have been renewed and are improving constantly

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

"The work carried out during the second reporting period reflects the goals outlined in Annex 1: structured information on each Task is provided in the section “1.2 Explanation of the work carried per WP” while all the details are given in the concerned Deliverables.

WP1 ""Management"" is designed to put in place appropriate and efficient coordination and management, organise two review meetings and run the liaison office for extended NCP network.
Main Results
39 NCPs have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with RICH to become part of the “extended network”: the MoU sets the rules of involvement in terms of services provided and contribution expected. more than 55 Extended NCPs have participated so far to the different activities.
Almost all NCPs have responded to the “questionnaire on needs assessment” and by continously collecting the answers for the members of the network, beneficiaries and the extended network, we have a good picture of the skills and the needs of ther RI-NCPs. This is a powerful instrument for the planning of the different activities.

WP2 ""Capacity building"" is conceived to improved and professionalised NCP services by providing training on key technical issues specifically related to RIs, to mentor newcomers, achieve full synergy of Research Infrastructures with other H2020 pillars
Main Results
3face-t-face training have been organised: all appointed NCPs have been consulted in designing the training topics and agendas.
All NCP networks have been contacted and offered with tailor-made information relevant in the different fields.
3 triplings have been delivered building on the outcomes of the “Questionnaire on needs assessment”

WP3 ""Dialogue with Research Infrastructures ecosystem"" aims at reinforcing the cooperation with EC, EU RI networks... supporting dialogue on synergies, access to RIs through analysis of and targeted activities, understanding the global dimension of RIs,
Main Results
The Second Symposium on ""Fostering the Innovation Potential of Research Infrastructures"" has been successfully held: the organisation of the event can be considered as a good practice of the strict collaboration between the EC and the NCPs.
The Second infoday on WP 2018-2020 has been organised and web streamed: more than 700 persons have been able to follow the event either physically or remotely

WP4 ""Communication and dissemination"" is supporting the awareness of the scientific community and the other thematic NCP network of the TAS (TAS) opportunities, promote the activities and services offered by the NCP network, disseminate information on the possibilities offered by the RI workprogramme, provide the relevant services of the EC with a structured feedback from the RI stakeholders .
Main Results
RICH has been invited and present to the most relevant events in the RIs context
As a meaningful tool to give evidence of the link with the RIs additional 2 videos (4 out of 4) have been produced.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

RICH is contributing to the expected impacts listed in the DoA as they are mostly still relevant, the actual and proper assessment could be done at a later stage.
1. Expected impacts (48 months): An improved and professionalised NCP service across Europe thereby helping simplify access to Horizon 2020 calls, lowering the entry barriers for newcomers, and raising the average quality of proposals submitted.
Level of achievement (0-5): 5
Related Tasks: Task 2.1 RICH Academy, Task 2.2 Exchange schemes: Tripling and visit to Research Infrastructures, Task 2.5 Virtual Help-Desk and FAQ

2. Expected impacts (48 months): Appointed RIs NCPs have access to RICH activities
Level of achievement (0-5): 4.5
Related Task(s): Task 1.4 Associated beneficiaries

3. Expected impacts (48 months): The assistance provided by the NCP is more complete, use of EU RIs is promoted, research community is aware of the benefit of using EU RIs
Level of achievement (0-5): NA
Related Tasks: Task 3.4 Infodays 2.0, Task 4.1 Web site and maintenance and exploitation of the Observatory, Task 4.3 Participation at major events and PR activities

4. Expected impacts (48 months): H2020 NCP networks are informed about the opportunities offered by the RIs workprogramme (in particular about “thematic TAS”)
Level of achievement (0-5): 4
Related Tasks: Task 2.3 Connecting RICH to other NCP networks

5. Expected impacts (48 months): Appointed RIs NCPs have first-hand information on the activities carried out by these initiatives and can provide a more complete service
Level of achievement (0-5): 3.5
Related Tasks: Task 2.4 Learning from European RI networks & Advisory Groups, Task 3.3 International cooperation

6. Expected impacts (48 months): RIs NCP performance is in line with the clients’ needs and the EC receives concrete the feedbacks on the implementation of the programme and the RICH project.
Level of achievement (0-5): NA

7. Expected impacts (48 months): Best practices are improved while bad practices are avoided. Inputs from EC, reviewers and RIs NCP are valued.
Level of achievement (0-5): 2.5
Related Tasks: Task 1.4 Associated beneficiaries, Task 4.4 Structured feedback to the EC

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