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DELSI: Delft seismic inversion processing package

A state-of-the-art software package was developed for seismic inversion, based on the innovative algorithms. The Delsi software has been released in modules, each of which is part of a new generation of seismic processing methods: the DELPHI Scheme. The first three modules are:
surface-related Multiple Elimination;
Controlled Illumination of target zones; Stratigraphic Inversion.

The Delsi software has been tested and used for case studies with real data. Moreover, the results obtained with the Delsi software have been compared with results obtained with conventional commercially available processing software. On the selected test data the DELSI-Multiple Elimination technique has given the best results for the elimination of surface related peg-leg multiples, which is a particular type of multiple reflection. No other commercially available technique was able to obtain such a good result. The software itself is relatively user-friendly. However, the relatively long computation time makes the use of this code still difficult in operational seismic processing conditions. The method is nevertheless useful for special processing in complex areas. The results obtained with the DELSI-Controlled Illumination (CI) are reliable, but not as good as those obtained with a conventional prestack depth migration. The theoretical gain of computing time has not been clearly established. However, it is acknowledged that the code has not yet been optimized. DELSI-SI is stratigraphic inversion software not integrated with processing, nor with modelling packages. The product is robust and reliable in isolation.

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Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO
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