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STELLARPROP Report Summary

Project ID: 339248
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - STELLARPROP (The origins of stellar properties)

The STELLARPROP project seeks to determine how stars are formed and how the statistical properties of stellar groups arise and vary depending on variations in the initial conditions and environment during the star formation process. These topics are investigated using hydrodynamical simulations of star formation that begin with different initial conditions and include a variety of physical processes. The three-dimensional numerical simulations include large scale calculations of the formation of stellar clusters containing hundreds of stars, along with smaller scale calculations that investigate single and multiple star formation, protoplanetary disc formation and evolution, and the launching of protostellar jets and outflows. Different simulations include different combinations of physical processes that are expected to be important in star formation in order to determine which are the main physical processes responsible for setting various stellar properties. The physical processes may include: self-gravitating hydrodynamics, radiation transport, thermo-chemical processes, dust dynamics, and/or magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) with some including non-ideal MHD effects.

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