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MULTIPOC Report Summary

Project ID: 615458
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Sweden

Mid-Term Report Summary - MULTIPOC (Highly Multiplexed Affinity Proteomics for Point of Care Diagnostics)

In the ERC research program 'MultiPOC', a set of novel assay strategies are developed, evaluated and integrated to ultimately allow point of care affinity proteomics, i.e. rapid, portable and inexpensive determination of individual levels of all proteins present in blood plasma. High performance point of care affinity proteomics would be an invaluable tool in screening for early signs of a wide variety of severe diseases such as cancers, infections, autoimmune disorders etc, and could further prove highly useful in differential diagnostics, disease stratification, and disease/treatment monitoring. Further, inexpensive POC-platforms would allow such diagnostic advances to also be applied in emergency environments (ambulances, ERs, primary care) and low-income regions.

At the halftime checkpoint, a number of important milestones have been achieved. Two assay platforms are presented, a paper microarray that can manage up to around 2000 analytes in one assay, and a micro-brick suspension array assay with a theoretical multiplexing ability of more than one million analytes. To allow highly multiplexed sandwich immunoassays, which is required for ultra high sensitivity to be achieved, we have developed a strategy of affinity labelled nanoparticles that can be kept from aggregating by means of ultrasonic energy application. To improve sensitivity of nanoparticle-based detection strategy, we present a novel rapid enhancement-by synthesis method that allows colorimetric identification of single gold nanoparticles on microarrays. Finally, we present a rapid affinity capture strategy based on a combination of magnetic and gold nanoparticles to allow simultaneous quantification of biomarkers of any concentration, from serum albumin to low abundant inflammatory markers.

The novel POC array platforms are used together with the presented developed assay concepts in clinical diagnostic collaboration projects in pediatric oncology, infection diagnostics and autoimmunity.

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