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BRICKER Report Summary

Project ID: 609071
Funded under: FP7-NMP
Country: Spain

Periodic Report Summary 2 - BRICKER (Total Renovation Strategies for Energy Reduction in Public Building Stock (BRICKER))

Project Context and Objectives:
Technical Work Packages are mostly finished, with the exception of one task in WP3. For Wp2, works are condiered finished.
In relation to WP4 dealing with integration, all deliverables related to the demonstrators have been finished in this period.
As for WP5, the premonitoring works have been finished in Belgium and Spain, pending Turkey due to administrative delays. In relation to the construction works, Belgium and Turkey are progressing with 12 months delay, and Spain has not yet started the works on site, being 24 months the delay in this case. Technoclogies have been manufactured and, with the exception of the solar collectors, which need a green light from the demonstratoers, the rest have been manufactured or are in the process of being so.
In relation to WP6 and WP7, works progress accrording to the DoW, and the website, the events and the exploitation and replication works have progress adequately.

Project Results:
Works are divided into 7 Work Packages, and the main outcomes from the Chart can be summarized as follows:
• Work Package 1: Project Management
Ongoing, on track.
• Work Package 2: Envelope retrofitting solutions for demand reduction.
Terminated at month 22 (4 months delay), some delays were faced in the 3 tasks.
• Work Package 3: Zero emissions energy production technologies.
Mostly terminated at month 28 (4 months later), due to delays in 3 out of its 7 tasks. There is still 1 task alive, as the solar panel production levels have been adapted to the delays of the site demonstrators. This is not considered a key issue and will be resolved once the demos unlock the situation.
• Work Package 4: BRICKER Technologies implementation in buildings, guidance for implementation and technological transfer.
Ongoing, delayed. This work package has 6 tasks. The ones related to the development of the projects for physical integration of the BRICKER technologies and solutions on the 3 demonstration buildings are finished. However, the remaining 3 tasks, related to the building retrofitting process and the operation of the new systems, are delayed.
• Work Package 5: Demonstration and evaluation in three existing Public buildings in Europe.
Ongoing, delayed.
This Work Package is organised in 5 tasks, and the Coordination is being done at demonstration level, so three parallel executions of the 5 tasks are being considered, one per demonstration building; Belgian, Spanish and Turkish sites. Being this said, the status of the demonstrations is, in a nutshell;
➢ Belgium; Projects (calculations, plans...) done, works have been divided in 4 Public tenders, all of which have been launched and the contractors selected. Economic deviation of +17% with respect to the DoW. Works started in January 2016, 3 months later than expected.
➢ Spain; Projects (calculation, plans...) ready and tendering process started in May 2016, 10 months later than expected. Works divided in 4 tenders and first contractor to be selected in June/July 2016.
➢ Turkey; Projects (calculation, plans...) ready and tendering process started in May 2016, 10 months later than expected. Works divided in 4 tenders, and 2 of them are already launched.
• Work Package 6: Exploitation and replication. Ongoing, on track.
• Work Package 7: Dissemination and communication. Ongoing, on track.

Potential Impact:
The critic activities are those which lay in the critic path towards Project completion. The critic path is the sequence of activities that, one after the other without any pause or gap beneath them, leads to the fulfilment of all Project activities and Work Packages.
In the case of the BRICKER Project, it is not difficult to see that the activity which is causing the delays of the Project is Task 5.3. Installation, commissioning and start-up in the three demo buildings. The Task is led by Partner 1, ACCIONA.
This task includes the compilation of all technical plans to retrofit the buildings (coming from WP2, 3 and 4), the launching of the Public Tender Processes to select subcontractors and the execution of the works as planned. All these works are to be carried out by the Public Authorities who own the buildings, and although the Task is led by ACCIONA, it is the Public Administrations that have to take care of the Administrative and Financial arrangements needed to execute the three retrofitting works.
The most important consequence of not having the project extended is that, with the actual situation and given the time remaining to terminate the Project, it is clear that we will not be able to perform the 12-month post-monitoring in two of the three demonstrators.
By this, we won´t be able to assess on the situation of the buildings, at least in Turkey and Spain, AFTER the BRICKER systems and technologies are implemented.
As a consequence, the results won´t be available for these 2 demos in terms of savings and operation strategies and guides, pay-back evaluation, economic analysis and replicability potential.

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