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A micropump based on LIGA and silicon technology

Innovative micropumps have been developed based on the combination of know-how on (silicon) micropump design and fabrication with the LIGA fabrication technology know-how. The following areas have been developed:
a LIGA based piezo-driven polymer membrane pump, the first micropump to work equally well with gases and liquids and exhibiting a reliable self filling behaviour with liquid (maximum flow 250 ul/min for water and 2 ml/min for air, build up of pressure of more than 1200 hPa using water, 500 hPa using air, self filling possible due to a vacuum of 350 hPa, outer dimensions 12 x 12 x 3 mm);
a LIGA based minaturised gear pump particularly suited for use with high viscosity liquids (LIGA fabricated gear wheels of 596 um and 1192 um, outer dimensions of 10 x 10 x 30 mm, back pressure of more than 1200 hPa and flow rates of up to 1 ml/min, tolerates air bubbles);
modelling and simulation using commercial finite element method (FEM) packages and the system modelling tool CAMAS/20-Sim;
development of coupled fluid and mechanics solver FAME;
development of an optimization technique for material parameter extraction successfully used with silicon nitride and titanium membranes (an auto-focus optical set-up to measure membrane deflections has been fabricated);
development of special assembly techniques for microfluidic systems, including laser welding, integrated tubing and self-alignment structures;
evaluation of an alternative fabrication technology for high aspect ratio structures dry etching electroplating and moulding (DEEMO), (feasible for applications with less extreme requirements);
characterization and test set-up for microfluidic components and systems (consists of a fluid part, a carbon dioxide based priming system, sensors, actuators, driving and sensor interface electronics and is controlled by a LabView application VI set, making possible the automatic execution of a number of measurement protocols on microfluidic components and complete systems).

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