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A monitoring strategy for determining the responsibility of iron and steelmaking plants for dust production

The iron and steelmaking industry has undertaken actions to reduce emissions coming from material storage subject to high winds provoking blow-off. The following three approaches were tested:
modelling involving magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
in situ blow-off measurements;
measurement of blow-off on a model in a blower.

With respect to emission modelling, an isokinetic sampling pole, the LECES pole, was used. The LECES pole gave interesting results but its use turned out to be difficult and the project was abandoned. Tests in a blower make it possible to become free from in situ constraints and to quantify the friction speed at the blow-off limit. Several series of tests were realized for coal, ore and olivine. For particle dispersion, three models were tested. The results obtained show the pertinence of the Gaussian models, especially the FDM model for simulating diffuse open air emissions. The finite volume tested did not give the expected results and complementary development work is necessary.

The development of a device for continuously measuring sedimentable dust has begun. This device uses the principles of standardized devices for sample collection, the automatic measurement being done by a beta-radiation device. This device may be integrated into a network of automated measurements in order to assess dry dust fall for a cycle of 2 to 3 h, a slave device cutting off sampling in case of rain. A prototype was realized and after adjustment difficulties, a device with industrial design could be tested. The results obtained have shown that measurement by beta-radiation gave a bias for sedimentable dust, depending on the granulometry of the particles. Complementary tests have turned out the necessary for specifying the limit of validity of the method.

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