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Periodic Report Summary 1 - EFLTEACHERS (Revitalizing EFL Teachers' Professional Development in Europe through Innovative Programs)

The EFL Teachers Project aims to make significant contributions to the foreign language learning and teaching endeavors of people in Europe, particularly in Turkey. Unlike traditional research which generally looks at language learners’ characteristics and teachers’ instructional practices in the classroom, this project takes EFL teachers as the starting point with the standpoint of: “language teachers themselves are language learners, too.” and aims to:
1. investigate foreign language teachers’ individually-guided professional development activities in Turkey in order to identify any needs for new professional development programs,
2. analyze the current professional development practices in two purposefully-chosen European countries: Italy and Sweden,
3. create new professional development programs (e.g., webinars and workshops), and an interactive website that will include resources for professional development based on these needs, and
4. share the programs with the target population and the general public.
The periodic report mainly comprises the first two objectives and a few activities from objective 3.
In order to find out what types of individually guided activities and professional development needs of EFL teachers, Dr. Ozkose-Biyik (the fellow) and Dr. Oner Uslu developed a questionnaire with three sections: 1) 16 questions on demographics, 2) 61 items on professional development, and 3) four open-ended questions: 1) What types of professional development programs should be developed for EFL Teachers? 2) What should be paid attention to in these programs? 3) Can you share the websites, blogs, Facebook groups, forums, etc. that you find helpful in teaching English and your professional development?, and 4) Can you write down any mobile applications that you find helpful in teaching English and your professional development? to utilize for the development of the new programs and resources.
When the questionnaire was ready, it was transferred to an online platform called limesurvey. In total, 820 teachers filled out the questionnaire. During the data collection phase, the fellow conducted 17 more interviews with EFL teachers, totaling the number of interviews to 28. The results of the study were used to determine the categories in the best activity competition, the topic of the five webinars which will be implemented in the second period of the project, and the content of the informative videos. The resources that the teachers shared in the open-ended section were compiled and shared on the project website. Findings were shared with the scientific community in one national and four international conferences. The project’s impact will be most visible upon the announcement of the website to large networks of EFL teachers, which is still pending since it is still under construction ( One of the unique contributions of the project to the English language teaching field is the individually-guided professional development activity scale. Work is in progress regarding two publications about the scale development research. The third publication will reflect the results of a cross-cultural study revealing the individually-guided professional development activities of EFL teachers in various European countries. The EFL Teachers Project continues to raise awareness towards the importance of individual efforts for authentic, prolonged engagement with the target language and creating affordances for language teachers’ own professional development.

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