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Final Report Summary - HIGGSSELFCOUPLING (Precision Higgs Boson Self-Coupling Measurements)

Following the monumental discovery of the Higgs boson at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, both experimentalists and theorists turned rapidly to the next task at hand: to perform precision measurements of its properties. Perhaps the most important trait of the Higgs boson is the way it couples to itself. The so-called Higgs boson self-couplings are key ingredients to the potential through which electroweak symmetry breaking is realised. The triple self-coupling can be probed via the production of two Higgs bosons at colliders. The work of this project focussed on improving measurements of Higgs boson pair production at the LHC and future colliders.

In the first part of the project, improvement of the Monte Carlo description of the process was performed, via merging of the parton shower with the matrix elements for Higgs boson pairs in association with a jet. This result is now available publicly with the HERWIG 7 event generator. Furthermore, the event generator was used to perform a study of the background processes in triple Higgs boson production at a future hadron collider.

In another part of the project, the decay of both Higgs bosons to bottom-anti-bottom quark pairs was investigated, providing interesting insights for future experimental studies to consider.

To help improve the detectability of the Higgs boson pair production at future colliders, the project included a study of rare final states at a future 100 TeV collider. Moreover, the applicant performed detailed phenomenological studies as part of the Future Circular Collider Hadron-Hadron collider report.

A phenomenological study of effective operators arising due to new physics was performed at the LHC, and projected constraints were given on the parameter space of this theory.

The results of the whole project have been widely recognised by the community and already have had impact to the LHC experimental collaborations’ on-going searches for studies for Higgs boson pair production.

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