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REMOTE Report Summary

Project ID: 336043
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Netherlands

Mid-Term Report Summary - REMOTE (Real-time monitoring of load induced remodeling in tissue-engineered bone)

The REMOTE project focuses on engineering a 3D in vitro bone tissue model displaying one of the bone’s most important inherent functional properties: to adapt its micro-structure to meet mechanical demands imposed by loads. It aims at incorporating both signaling between different cell types and the assessment of the influence of spatio-temporal changes. In the first 30 months of this project we have investigated both into the development of a platform for controlled interventions (chemical and mechanical) for the formation of mineralized ECM and have followed tissue development over time with quantitative longitudinal microCT monitoring. In addition, we are about to submit a study that addresses how standard cell culture supplements can influence the responsiveness of cells to mechanical influences. In terms of bone resorption we have developed a protocol that promotes both morphological as well as functional differentiation of osteoclasts from human blood-derived cells in 2D. We are currently investigating the potential of bone resorption in 3D, before we aim at combining bone formation with bone resorption cultures in order to have a co-culture system. Simulation of mineralized ECM formation in 3D in our custom-made bioreactors is currently performed and will be combined with simulation of bone resorption in 3D and a combination of both.
To obtain amounts of mineralized ECM formation and resorption that are quantifiable with microCT requires exceptionally long cultivation times in the laboratory. It was therefore anticipated from previous experience that it might take a while before more scientific manuscripts will be published. However, first results have been successfully presented at various scientific conferences and manuscripts for publication are being written at the moment and it is anticipated that the results of this project will have substantial impact in the respective fields.

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