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IONOLOGY Report Summary

Project ID: 616919
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Israel

Mid-Term Report Summary - IONOLOGY (Quantum Metrology with Trapped Ions)

The IONOLOGY project proposes a quantum-algorithmic approach to metrology. We use a combination of Dynamic-Decoupling (DD) methods, Decoherence-Free Subspaces (DFS) and Quantum Error-Correction Codes (QECC) in order to actively improve the coherence times of quantum probes, thus improving on the precision with which small effects can be measured. Using the algorithms we developed on arrays of trapped atomic ions we have measured magnetic fields and gradients, optical clock transitions, light shifts, collective scattering effects, the ultra-small magnetic interaction between electrons separated by micrometer distances, electric quadrupole and tensor polarizabilities of atomic states and more. We have also constructed an experiment in which a single trapped ion is immersed in an ultracold gas of atoms. IN this experiment we were able to study the resulting non-equilibrium dynamic and chemistry. The quantum algorithmic approach described above will help up measure the intricate quantum chemistry that happens between these species at these low temperatures. We further propose a method to detect new forces in Nature that are mediated by light scalar or vector mediators through precision Isotope shift measurements in optical clock transitions.

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