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ESTYMA Report Summary

Project ID: 615834
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - ESTYMA (Excited state quantum dynamics in molecular aggregates: a unified description from biology to devices)

In this project we study the dynamics of excited states in condensed phase with two classes of systems in mind. First we consider organic semiconductors, molecular and polymeric, as pure substances or blends of electron donor and acceptor to study the quantum mechanical evolution of the excited states. These phenomena are important in the area of organic electronics and underpin new technologies such as organic solar cells. We have found that in organic materials the dynamics of the excited states is closely coupled with the dynamics of the nuclei. However it is impossible to describe quantum mechanically the time evolution of a quantum system with a large number of degrees of freedom and the aim of this project is to find a systematic way of making these problems tractable. A second emerging research area where the dynamics of the excited states is particularly interesting is the biophysics of light harvesting photosynthetic complexes. Here we try to understand how the biological environment affects the excited state dynamics. We are testing the hypothesis that a simple general model can describe the physics of all light harvesting complexes.

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