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Project ID: 316345
Funded under: FP7-REGPOT
Country: Czech Republic

Periodic Report Summary 2 - ICRC-ERA-HUMANBRIDGE (Human Bridge for Strengthening Integration of ICRC into European Research Area)

Project Context and Objectives:
OBJECTIVES - The main aims of the ICRC-ERA-HUMANBRIDGE project are
- To establish or further strengthen ties and partnerships of ICRC with other institution in the ERA
- To attract professional, skilled researchers and to buy new and top quality equipment – thus enable ICRC to perform the highest possible quality of research
- To further develop industrial partnerships of ICRC with various institutions and business partners
- To submit new joint EU-funding proposals of ICRC with its partner institutions
Funds provided by the project will enable ICRC to significantly enhance its research capability and to become a well-known research institution both in Europe and world-wide

STATUS of ACTIVITIES - In a general, the project performs better that it was planned and for M36 (90% of the extended implementation period) meets 144 % of planned activities. Details of each activities are in the next chapter “main results achieved so far” or in an attached document.

STATUS of BUDGET SPENDING – Spending of the total budget was in the period 1 very low (24% in 50% of time). The value was mostly given by delays in recruitment (WP2). All solutions partly presented in the 1st periodic report and upgraded and approved by PO of the EC resulted very successfully so at the moment of this report 2 (M36) we have 85% spent in 90% of time.

CHANGES - The project implementation in period 02 has required 1 amendment (2nd in total) concerning the extension of the implementation period by 4 months; then some minor changes and dynamic approach towards reaching the project goals. The common reason for this is the large scale of the project and long-time gap between the proposal and project implementation. Before the end of this 2nd reporting period the 3rd amendment concerning new coordinating person (Lukas Palko) was requested and it was confirmed in very beginning of the 3rd reporting period.

KEY ACTIVITIES performed (percentages are connected to planned activities for the reported period 1)
- Enormously large-scale Recruitment - 18 new researchers initially planned, 56 hired in total (272% DONE),
- Intensive Mobility - secondments to/from 60 EU partners and results presentations in international conferences (148% DONE)
- Broad Scientific Publicity - international conferences + workshops (110% DONE)
- Additional Support to ordinary processes and infrastructure - equipment procurements (97% DONE), dissemination (95% DONE), technology transfer (50% DONE)

OVERALL STATUS of the project in numbers:
- All activities planned for M36 fulfilled by 144 %
- Deliverables submitted – 100% - IN TIME (96%) or with APPROVED delays (4%)
- Milestones fulfilled – 100% - IN TIME (74%) or with APPROVED delays (26%)

CONCLUSIONS - The project runs smoothly and partial delays (in minor) are well consulted and approved by the EC with the most common reason – more effective usage of allocated resources and higher impact of the whole project.

Project Results:
The project partial results are documented via conclusions of particular work-packages (percentage by each headline represents fulfilment of planned activities for reported period):

WP1 - Twining with research institutions in the ERA – 159 %
The WP1 focuses on strengthening of cooperation with foreign scientific institutions via bidirectional mobility actions. Main goals are to: Create platform for multicentre research protocols and studies; Knowledge transfer; HR development; Sharing technologies; Fundraising.
This WP is performing well and brings the most valuable results which are NEW JOINT PROJECTS. We have submitted 45 joint proposals with our partners (mostly H2020) and 10 of them were successful.

WP2 – Recruitment - 272 %
The aim is to supply skills that are missing in ICRC to establish proper research environment and facilitate achievements of research.
Proposed plan was to hire 18 researchers mostly for the whole project duration (36 Months), but there were many obstacles (legal, institutional, international). This WP deals with budget of 2,2 million EUR, every delay results into a considerable budget reserve. We have agreed with the PO to use this reserve via creating new positions and accelerate the budget spending. Final number of recruited researchers was 56.

WP3 - Equipment and tools - 97 %
The objective of this WP is to obtain funding to acquire two laboratory and one diagnostic device and one software.
All procurements are done properly, the remaining 3% stands for additional upgrade confirmed by PO of EC for saving from very effective open tenders (so overall budget of this WP remains same).

WP4 - Research meetings and conferences organized by the ICRC – 110 %
The goal of this WP was to organise 10 international conferences + 15 Mendel Lectures. Beyond the plan there were organised 12 conferences and 13 of 15 Mendel Lectures yet.
At those events the message about ICRC, its activities and also about the ICRC-ERA-HumanBridge project is delivered to wide professional audience of various backgrounds.

WP5 - Presentation of research results – 270%
Research results are presented at national and international conferences. The goal is to share research results with other researchers, obtain feedback and aid networking. Research plans are presented on brokerages to promote our research plans and to draw attention of potential partners.
This WP is performing much better than planned - plan was to provide 100 presentations, but the reality is 270 yet.

WP6 - Project PR and Results Dissemination – 95%
Objectives of this WP are creation of positive and true image of the ICRC. Activities are according to the initial plans. WP6 activities contributed to the fact that the project is well-known among the ICRC research and administrative staff and top management. FNUSA-ICRC have enjoyed considerable media coverage.

WP7 - Strengthening IP development plan and industrial partnerships – 50%
The aims are to improve the internal capacity and know-how for managing the relations with end users and to increase the portfolio of partners and potential clients.
There are planned 3 practical activates (trainings) and Elaboration of a strategic intellectual property development plan for 2015-2020 and are planned for the second half of the project run. One activity is done, second realised in very beginning of 3rd reporting period (so it is not calculated to the result of this rep. period), third is planned to the end of project implementation and the Strategical document is done (so 2 from 4 done).

WP8 - Evaluation - will be issued in M37-M42. More info about evaluators in enclosed PDF.

WP9 - Management of the project – 100%
The project management is still successful in the key role – to keep smooth implementation of the project.
Because of all ICRC research teams involved, “side effects” of this effort are very positive for the whole ICRC. Examples of this are
- Positive PR of the ICRC
- Internal processes – based on project task, many internal methodologies (HR, mobility, consumables procurements etc.), and process workflows were updated and become more effective.
Potential Impact:
FUTURE OUTLOOK - According the actual performance of the project there is a very positive expectations for final results. Every partial delay presented described above has a simple solution and in most of cases the solution is better than original plan.

RESULTS OUTLOOK - The partial results are presented in previous chapters or in the attached document. The real results which we expect to reach
- Publications with IF – from the beginning of the project (2013) the publication count per year is increased every year by more than 85 publications (2012 – 96pcs., 2013 – 180pcs., 2014 – 266pcs). The expectations are more optimistic than it was expected so in the actual trend after the last year (2016) of the project would be publications year count about 450 pcs, which is 470% of the initial status!
- Joined project proposals – for the whole project was expected to submit 10 joined proposals. After 36 months of the project there is submitted the 45 joined proposals for EU funding programmes (mostly H2020). The trend is stronger, so the expectation is to reach about 50 joined proposals to the end of the project.
- 10 successful joined project yet – from the 45 proposals 10 were successful. Here is not simple to predict, but we hope for at least 2 projects can be approved until the end of project.
- Strengthening partnership directly with 60 twinning institutions and indirectly with 20 home institutions of recruited researchers. The expectations are to extend count of partnering organisations.

Those mentioned outlooks fulfil the overall aim - to strengthen position of the ICRC not only in the European Research Area but worldwide and with stronger impact then was proposed.

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