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eHealth Week Report Summary

Project ID: 731116
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.1.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - eHealth Week (eHealth Week 2016)

Reporting period: 2016-03-31 to 2016-07-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The Netherlands will organize a European Presidency conference on eHealth from 8 to 10 June 2016 in Amsterdam.
This conference will bring together policymakers, researchers, businesses start-ups, consumers, health professionals and patients from across the EU. The objective of the conference is to provide opportunity to the European stakeholders to interact, exchange and discuss eHealth developments in policy and practice. In the 2016 conference there will be a strong focus in implementation of eHealth services, to promote health ageing, independent living and a more personalised healthcare delivery.
The eHealth Week Presidency event will coincide with the HIMSS 2016 exhibition, and will jointly be promoted as the “eHealth Week 2016”. In total 5 days where organised during the eHealth Week 2016, of which 4 had an international orientation. One key outcome of this conference was the achievement of the 'Patient Included' signage, that was rewarded for the effort of organising this conference together with patients, for patients and with a strong representation of patients during the sessions.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

Project phases
Five main phases are expected for the eHealth Week 2016 organization.
1) Project conception and initiation
This phase targeted where to determine if the eHealth Week 2016 should be organized during the Dutch Presidency, and to determine a decision making an operating body. With the agreement at political level to organize the eHealth Week 2016, the decision to use the steering committee for Innovation & Health, and the formation of the project team, these targets have been reached.

2) Project definition and planning
The main goals for this phase was to agree on a project plan, project organization, schedule and budget. This project plan will include the main elements of the phases, although some aspects might still be open/changed in a later phase.

3) Project launch
After the project plan had been approved, the project was officially launched. This is the phase where different individuals with the project team will be responsible for organizing specific tasks. Another important element is the agreement on the program and the contracting of location, speakers, and other financial/legal obligations. Since the project launch is the biggest phase of the project, it will be cut in three different detailed project plans.

4) Project execution phase
This phase includes the final weeks before the eHealth Week, the eHealth Week itself and the immediate logistics operations after the eHealth Week.

5) Project close
When the eHealth Week is concluded the project owner has to approve the outcome, based on an evaluation. The successes and/or learning opportunities will be describe, and the follow-up actions will also be formalized. During this phase administrative issues will also be concluded as much as possible.

Throughout the project, the project coordinator has assessed the performance and control of the project. The project status and progress will be compared to the planned targets per phase.

The following work has been done under each work package:
WP1 - Program management:
- The set-up Joint Program Committee with representatives of MoH, EC and HIMSS;
- Agree three main tracks for the eHealth Week program;
- Set-up Program Advisory Committee with EU stakeholders;
- Preparation of the draft program for eHealth Week, containing specific sessions under each track;
- Agreed on key-note speakers, moderator and VIPs to be included in the program;
- Agreed on final program for eHealth Week 2016;
- Allocated coordinators for each session;
- Prepared content for each session within the program;
- Organised preparatory meetings for each session in advance of the eHealth Week;
- General execution of program during eHealth Week 2016;
- Evaluatation meetings of eHealth Week 2016 program;
- Present letter with recommendations for future eHealth Week program.

WP2 - Marketing & communication
- A Joint Communication Committee with representatives of MoH, EC and HIMSS was set-up;
- Agreement on design marketing and PR activities
- Agreed on marketing and PR activities;
- Executed marketing and PR activities;
- Designed eHealth Week slogan;
- Developed marketing materials for eHealth Week;
- Presentations during main eHealth events leading up to the eHealth Week;
- Developed blog-posts and press-releases;
- Social media was included in marketing activities;
- Streaming was arranged for plenary meeting and some specific sessions.

WP3 - Organisation & Logistics
- A Joint Organisational Committee with representatives of MoH, EC and HIMSS was set-up ;
- Prepared a program matrix containing session, plenary, exhibition and speakers;
- Developed online registration tools;
- Prepared a logistic template before eHealth Week;
- Organized student support during conference;
- Organized registration system (including identification, badges) during eHealth Week;
- Arranged technical, logistic and IT support during conference;
- Arranged online documentation of sessions during and after eHealth Week
- Arranged a (mobile) program and conference materials
- Prepared logistic report containing recommendations for next years conference.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

One key outcome of this conference was the registration of the 'Patient Included' chapter ( for the eHealth Week 2016. This recommandation was rewarded for the effort of the organisation of this conference to involve patients from the beginning to the end. This included advice from patient during the organisation, participation during the execution of the project and representation during the conference itself.

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