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XRAYQUN Report Summary

Project ID: 618118
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Israel

Periodic Report Summary 1 - XRAYQUN (Nonlinear and Quantum Optics at X-Ray Wavelengths)

The main goals of the Marie Curie career integration grant with the acronym “XRAYQUN” are to initiate a quantum and nonlinear at x-ray wavelengths research program in the Dr. Sharon Shwartz’s new laboratory at Bar Ilan university and to demonstrate fundamental quantum and nonlinear effects it this regime.
The fields of quantum optics and nonlinear optics at x-ray wavelengths are new emerging fields that offer many exciting new opportunities, which now become possible mainly due to the recent and expected improvements in the x-ray sources. It is important to note that the physical description of nonlinear and quantum effects in the hard x-ray regime have unique features that are substantially different from those associated with nonlinear and quantum processes commonly observed in the optical regime of the spectrum. Indeed, recently, the number of works associated with nonlinear and quantum effects in the x-ray regime, is growing rapidly with many new publications. My group has contributed and led several of the state of the art experiments in the field, and theoretical publications of our group have described and analyzed new effects with x-rays.
The ongoing program is focused on the development of methodology for novel experiments performed at x-ray free electron lasers and synchrotron facilities, and on the establishment of system and techniques for the measurements of nonlinear and quantum effects at x-ray wavelengths in our laboratory.
My group has grown from one graduate student at the beginning of the program to 8 graduate students (5 MSc and 3 PhD), and one engineer, who supports the technical aspects of our experiments and trains new students.
During the first two years of the projects we have developed electronics and mechanics for x-ray coincidence measurements. This equipment is essential for experiments aiming at the demonstration of quantum effects in our laboratory at the large facilities. The equipment has been used in several experiments including the improvement of the signal-to-noise in x-ray parametric down-conversion, in our experiments on quantum ghost imaging, and in our experiments on parametric down conversion of x-rays into visible radiation.
We installed and commissioned an x-ray diffraction system in our laboratory and trained students to perform experiments with it. We have developed a technique for high energy-resolution measurements of the effect of parametric down-conversion of x-rays into ultraviolet radiation in our laboratory. The paper that describes this procedure and new results has been submitted recently.
In addition, my group has shown improvement of almost three orders of magnitude in the measurement of x-ray pairs for the demonstration of quantum effects with x-rays. We have shown theoretically a new nonlinear technique for the measurement of x-rays ultrashort pulses.
During the period I have published 4 papers in refereed journals (I am the corresponding author), one review paper, and gave 8 invited talks. One paper has been submitted very recently and two more papers will be submitted shortly (I am the corresponding author).
Recently I was nominated as a visiting scientist of RIKEN and as a member of the Israeli national committee on synchrotron radiation.

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