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X-FIVE Report Summary

Project ID: 339128
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: France

Mid-Term Report Summary - X-FIVE (Fifth Generation of Ultra Bright X Ray Beam)

In many domains, modern science relies on robust technology, and advanced technology relies on basic fundamental research. Fundamental research on laser plasma interaction in the relativistic regime is now contributing in modern accelerator developments with the so-called demonstrated concept of Laser Plasma Accelerators (LPA). LPA requires first powerful laser systems able to deliver stable laser pulses in the few tens of TW (1TW = 1012 Watt) to a few PW (1PW = 10^15 Watt) and, second, the mastering of the giant electric field components in the plasma medium produced with this well-characterized laser pulse.

The “art” of this new area of science relies on our abilities to manipulate relativistic electrons with intense laser pulses. In LPA, the electric fields with extreme value in the few of hundred of GV/m result from the collective motion of electrons produced by the intense laser pulse. The aims of the ERC X-five project is to play with the two components of the electric field to improve the properties of the electron beam delivered by the LPA and then to explore the different approaches to wiggle the relativistic electrons for producing compact ultra-bright X ray beams.

New already demonstrated concepts of plasma booster and of laser plasma lens have allowed a better stability and an improvement of the quality of the relativistic electrons beam. New concepts of wigglers using either a plasma medium that results of the ionization and the heating of nanowires irradiated by the laser pulse or by using an optical lattice that results from the beating of two laser pulses have been also explored. The progresses recently achieved indicate the possibility to produce a bright and compact Free Electron Laser by coupling the electron beam with an undulator.

By producing in this compact and elegant way high quality electron beams, Laser Plasma Accelerators offer the possibility to generate intense and ultra short energetic radiation beams with a few fs duration (1 fs= 10^-15s).

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