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NEITHER NOR Report Summary

Project ID: 336608
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Netherlands

Mid-Term Report Summary - NEITHER NOR (Neither visitors, nor colonial victims: Muslims in Interwar Europe and European Trans-cultural History)

The aim of the NEITHERNOR project (“Neither visitors, nor colonial victims: Muslims in Interwar Europe and European Trans-cultural History”), located in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Utrecht University, is to put the trans-cultural perspective on Muslims in interwar Europe into focus. It tried to fill a gap by reflecting on different examples of Muslim presences and interactions in Europe by offering an integrative approach that furthers our understanding of Muslim social, political, intellectual, and religious activities in European modern history. The project has so far achieved several main goals in terms of 1) academic output and publications, 2) academic and non-academic transfer of knowledge and 3) cross-disciplinary developments.
The publications included three edited volumes, peer-reviewed articles as well as draft chapters of dissertations. The two PhD students are still researching the various religious and political aspects related to Muslims in interwar Europe. The knowledge transfer was also achieved on several levels by a) organizing panels in international conferences, b) giving several (invited) talks at different academic meetings and seminars in different countries, c) taking part in historical documentaries, and d) giving interviews and writings press articles in Arabic, Dutch and English. The project has successfully placed itself in a larger interdisciplinary academic context, especially within the fields of Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, European history, global and trans-cultural history, cultural studies and post-colonial studies. It offers the necessary historical depth to the growing body of literature on Islam and Muslim minorities in the West. NEITHERNOR has also developed a lively network of researchers interested in questions of Muslims in interwar Europe and colonial history. The organization of the series of lecture-cum-seminar was a useful tool. During these sessions international respected experts in various fields were invited to Utrecht to share their research and discuss their interdisciplinary perspectives related to the main objectives of all research units. This gives the team members the opportunity to be updated about the new research methods and results applied by these academic junior and senior fellows.

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