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NewTURB Report Summary

Project ID: 339032
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Italy

Mid-Term Report Summary - NEWTURB (New eddy-simulation concepts and methodologies for frontier problems in Turbulence)

NewTURB is a laboratory in-silico aimed to disentangle and model turbulence by changing the nature of the non-linear terms of Navier-Stokes equations, aspects otherwise inaccessible by using conventional experimental and numerical methods.

We have used novel approaches based on (i) surgeries of quadratic interactions with different contents of the inviscid invariants, Helicity and Energy; (ii) changing the number of the degrees of freedom, via a projection on a fractal-Fourier space; (iii) changing the symmetries imposed by the forcing mechanisms and by the boundary conditions.
The final aim is to disentangle universal (isotropic) from non-universal (anisotropic) aspects of turbulence across all scales, in sheared or under rotation for both Eulerian and Lagrangian turbulent statistics.
So far, we have finally clarified the role played by Helicity in the reversal of the energy flux and on the development of small-scales turbulent fluctuations. We have quantified the importance of Fourier mode reduction for intermittency and phase-correlations. We have highlighted new statistical signatures of strong coherent vortical structures in rotating turbulence and measured -for the first time- the statistics of inertial particles in flows under rotation. We have developed a set of new optimised data analysis tools for anisotropic fluctuations and models for particles’ advection in turbulent and stochastic flows. NewTURB is now mature to transfer this knowledge to implement new apriori and aposteriori investigations of Large Eddy Simulations for hydro and magnetohydrodynamics turbulence.

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