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Project ID: 616496
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Sweden

Mid-Term Report Summary - HISTORICALDATABASE (The Swedish historical database project)

One of the goals of this project is to create a comprehensive Swedish research database with nationwide coverage for the period 1860-1960. The database is going to include yearly data from several distinct unit of observations such as individuals, firms, villages, school districts, parishes and municipalities. The data base will also contain detailed information from an extremely broad set of areas such as primary education, poor relief, agriculture, manufacturing, politics, weather, railways, local public finances, crime, wages, prices, financial intermediaries, and vital statistics. A highly important and unique feature of the database is that all the data is going to be linked. For example, individuals and firms will be connected to a specific geographical area (e.g., municipality) at a specific point in time. As a result, the linked data makes it possible to perform the analysis on different unit of observations and to study different forms of interactions (e.g., spatial and social interactions, contextual effects) both within and between the different levels of aggregation.

With the help of the database, we will address the following set of questions

1. How does structural transformation affect economic development and growth?
2. How does improvement in property rights affect economic development and agricultural productivity?
3. How does the distribution of political power (landowners vs. industrialists) affects economic development in a non-democracy?
4. What is the effect of railways on economic development?
5. What is the effect of having trained midwifes on maternal mortality?

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