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A fibre optic sensor for stability control in mining

For the first time in the world, instrumentation based on fibre optics and Bragg grating sensors has been developed for mining purposes, matching several bright and up-to-date technologies in an application really dedicated to industry. This smart structure system allows end users to both improve productivity and safety for working conditions. Metrological bench products have been developed:
a laboratory set-up able to accurately characterize Bragg gratings, in strain and temperature;
a laboratory system for sensing and demultiplexing Bragg grating (1.3 um);
a user friendly Labview software for acquisition/demultiplexing and spectral line signal processing;
a new family of extensometers/strain-meters based on Bragg grating transducers, self-compensated from thermal effects;
an efficient demonstrator (1.55 um) for final industrial applications, allowing safety and the monitoring in mines, tunnels, and potentially in any civil engineering applications.

This new product, based on a spectral analysis, offers the following advantages: simultaneously addresses and makes measurements; easy referencing; automatic thermal compensation; time sharing possibility; system transfer function free from external perturbations; many network topologies possible (series, star, hybrid, etc); upgrading number of sensors (up to 10 per line, up to several tenth multiplexed lines), with components commercially available (telecom market). The feedback obtained from the long term experiment in the mine improved system reliability and enhanced credibility enabling the product to enter new instrumentation and monitoring markets.

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