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Project ID: 277863
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Germany

Final Report Summary - COMBIPATTERNING (Combinatorial Patterning of Particles for High Density Peptide Arrays)

The ERC project “COMBIPATTERNING” is focused on the combinatorial deposition of monomers for the solid phase peptide synthesis in high density array format. We have developed two different methods to pattern amino acids. The first one uses laser radiation that transfers tiny amounts of polymer matrix with embedded monomers on the synthesis slides. The advantage of this procedure is that the coupling of the amino acids starts by heating synthesis slides for all amino acids simultaneously. Only one coupling cycle is needed for all 20 proteogenic amino acids. A special feature of this method is that the monomers and other reactants on the synthesis slide are located embedded in nanolayers and can mix with each other. It enables the screening not only for molecules synthesized but also for different reaction conditions, for instance for activation reactants. The second method is called stochastic arrays and based on the self-organization of particles in micro cavities. The stochastic arrays have in principle no limits in terms of spot pitch and can be downscaled to the single molecule stochastic arrays. This is remarkable step in combinatorial chemistry that can be extended to all kinds of the solid phase reactions. These novel arrays enable readout of information saved in human serum and design of novel molecular architectures in evolutionary manner. For instance, testing a human serum, we find out about 48 unique antibody fingerprints that are associated with the health history of the donor as his vaccinations.

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Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie
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