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SwiftBuild Report Summary

Project ID: 729448

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SwiftBuild (Swiftty web mobile builder)

Reporting period: 2016-06-01 to 2016-11-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The World Wide Web was invented in Europe, and after 25 years, we believe that it is up to Europe to bring it to another level. In this time of borders crossing, one huge border remained to be removed, language barrier to be overcomed. By finally uniting and implementing independent technologies completely in one unique tool, Swiftty acts as a bridge between different program languages and platforms and allows users to freely develop and design professional websites and mobile apps (applications) without need to code, straight from any graphic program, giving them desired functionality with just one click.

By connecting desktop, web and mobile technologies (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS), Swiftty has objective to become ultimate tool for professional designers, developers and startups and to set the new working environment and standard for those segments, by saving them enormous amount of time, helping them to overcome knowledge barriers and making them more competitive against greatest outsourcing markets, by lowering development costs even below standard outsourcing price range.

Swiftty addresses several problems of today’s web and mobile technologies which greatly affect workflow, level of knowledge needed for development and resulting competitiveness of development professionals. Those problems are global in nature, but also widespread in Europe:

1. Swiftty overcomes knowledge and cross - platform integration gaps observed to affect professional community, by connecting several different technologies and process automatisation, while enabling full control of the process, speeding up the work and giving professionals opportunity to focus on what really matters, with less knowledge, people and money needed for development.
2. Swiftty affect competitiveness and growth of companies using it in positive way through enabling them to develop more recognizable brands for a lot less money, people and resources
3. Swiftty helps increasing chance of employment to young professionals and women helping them develop more professional product with less required knowledge.
4. Swiftty is helping young entrepreneurs and startups create their MVP more easily and speeding their time to reach the market.
5. Design exclusion from development process, compatibility and collaboration issues are also addressed with several features, positioning Swiftty as first professional work environment which supports every aspect of workflow needed for website and app development.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

During the project, Swiftty with selected experts have conducted extensive research and analysis regarding several aspects needed for creation of strategy leading to successful market introduction. Actions conducted during this period can be grouped as follows:

1. Study initiation and preparation, including experts selection;

2. Market research and analysis - consisted of: Analysis of the state-of-the-art; Stakeholder In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and focus groups - Qualitative research; Gap Analysis; Demographic Assessment and Trend Analysis; Quantitative Survey; Demand Estimates

3. Technical and Organizational analysis - consisted of: Trend of technology analysis; Current development analysis; Security analysis; Priority and schedule of implementation- with results in Implementation plan ; EY Growth Navigator; Recommendations for further development.

4. Risk analysis for overall, technical, market, organizational and financial risks with mitigation strategies recommendations

5. Financial analysis - Complete Financial statement analysis

6. Creation of Implementation plan with key actions for each proposed phase

7. Elaboration of Business plan

Every conducted analysis has contributed to large extent to creation of more extensive and mature business strategy, each identifying and sometimes discovering best approaches for successful commercialization. Findings of conducted researches are implemented in Business and Implementation plan and are, to relevant extent, presented as part of Feasibility report.

In short, several hypotheses were confirmed, great potential demand from targeted segments was confirmed, some new aspects of the market were discovered and several new opportunities were identified, resulting in identifying of exact market needs, resulting in modifying business model and pricing policy. Added values, motives for engagement and mechanism for creation of demand cycle were proposed. Several emerging technologies were identified, one of them funded by EU project, in various states of development that will shape web technologies by 2018. Emerging versions of those technologies early adoption objective was established, which not only presents outstanding opportunity for market excellence and disruption, but also could put Swiftty in very exceptional position of becoming the very first professional tool that utilizes their advantages to the maximum extent, contributing to their popularization and broad acceptance in professional community. Mechanisms for storage and electricity saving during development process were also identified during this research, and integration of those mechanisms was implemented in further plans for development. Newly identified requirements and opportunities they create reflected in need of enhancing innovation capacity of Swiftty, in particular, identified sensitive period. Several risks were identified and their mitigation strategies were implemented both in Business and Implementation plan. All findings and approaches proposed in form of modified strategy have reflected on financial analysis, which served as one of indicators for assessing feasibility.
All findings of research conducted and recommendations were proven and their impact on development and commercial potential was assessed from all relevant aspects before strategy, presented in Business plan, Implementation plan and further in Feasibility Study, was finally adopted.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

Since a Feasibility Study was a subject of this particular project, only expected impacts and implications could be presented.

Current state of the art supports only one part of standard workflow process considered as practice by professional community. Presently, most popular competitors support only creation of a website or an app. Current solutions are mostly directed to hobbyists and entrepreneurs, who want to make their website or app by themselves. Accordingly to oriented segments, functionalities and editing capabilities of those solutions are often limited, where in most cases selected template can be edited to the extent of changing colors, pictures and textual content, which is not suitable for professional usage. Design is almost entirely excluded from the process, thus disabling creation of end product which satisfies even standard professional’s client demands. Creation of custom projects using current competitors is not possible, which presents more than 75% of usual requests that professionals receive during their practice. It was confirmed by conducted research that every of those issues have a role in decision of professionals not to use current competitors in their everyday work.

Having in mind needs of professionals, and companies they work in, Swiftty builder represents the first solution on the market that contains both professional design and development tools, with myriad of most popular pre-programmed options, which allow professional users, for the first time, to start from a scratch, a blank work board, to have a full control of the design and development process, to use pre - programmed options to speed up the process and to complete project using one solution, then translating it to any other platform when needed, at any time. Swiftty optimizes finished product for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS just by clicking on one button. Automatically. In just 30 seconds.

Finally connecting technologies, closing the gap between them and solving described problems to professionals via single, unique, cloud based tool (via entirely online solution, not dependent on PC or mobile device capabilities and that can be accessed from anywhere), not only represents extraordinary business opportunity for Swiftty, but also increases competitiveness of ICT SMEs and professionals, further stimulates women employment and young people to engage in startups – by closing knowledge gap and creating friendlier working environment for them, all while promoting new Web standards usage, saving storage space and lowering energy consumption of the process as expected positive impacts to environment, economy and society as a whole.

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