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SANZ Clima Report Summary

Project ID: 736831

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SANZ Clima (SANZ Telematics: Wireless Innovation for Smart Maintenance in Industrial Vehicles)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2016-11-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

SANZ CLIMA S.L. pioneers with SANZ TELEMATICS the first telematics control system comprising:
1. Simplified installation and management of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems at industrial vehicles. Achieved by means of a wireless-integration that removes 80% of current cables involved at typical HVAC integrated modules and 50% faster / 40% cheaper installation for vehicle manufacturers. This represents a gross cost of € 2.2 Millions every year in Europe (EU-28).
2. Reinforced preventative and cheaper corrective maintenance. Achieved by data acquisition of the vehicle through current standard on-board CAN bus order to facilitate Internet-of-the-Things focused industrial-vehicles communication and further customers’ analysis of statistics (i.e.: climate regions, hours of use, effectiveness and life cycle of the systems).

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

We have deepend on the best match of Bus CAN possibilities within industrial vehicles / buses and opportunities to make an optimum control of HVAC systems. We have assessed the posibilities for future adaptation to Wireless-based control (eg Zigbee), while we settle technically and commercially the Project based on CAN

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

Our project will directly benefit manufacturers of medium (Commercial vehicles, buses and coaches between 3.5 and 16 tons of weight) and heavy (over 16 tons) industrial vehicles, buses and coaches. These clients require installing heating and air conditioning systems that fulfil the expected comfort demanded by passengers and drivers of these vehicles. Enabling a better preventative maintenance will increase the vehicle availability.

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