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BEenerGI Report Summary

Project ID: 649789
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.3.7.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BEenerGI (Bundling sustainable energy investments for GIrona´s municipalities)

Reporting period: 2015-04-01 to 2016-09-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme provides the necessary technical, legal and financial assistance for municipalities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors. The aim is to mobilise investments to promote energy efficiency in public lighting and in municipal buildings (which includes creating heating networks). The BEenerGi programme promotes new organisational models through innovative funding systems. One of the cornerstones of the programme is reinforcing the capacities of the key stakeholders (SMEs, public administration staff, financial entities) and the ultimate beneficiaries (the municipalities). In addition, BEenerGi also provides access to data on local energy consumption and encourages the results of the programme to be shared throughout Europe so that these new schemes can be replicated in other regions.
Beenergi strategic objectives are:
- Contribute to achieving the European 2020 targets: 205 municipalities in the province of Girona (covering more than 90% of the population) have signed the Covenant of Mayors and committed themselves to helping reduce the European Union’s CO2 emissions by at least 20% by the year 2020.
- Improve municipal finances through energy savings: making energy savings will help to reduce municipalities’ current expenses, thus allowing them to make investments elsewhere or at least to reduce their debts.
- Establish a new model of multilevel governance among local authorities: bundling investments in sustainable energy promotes economies of scale and simplifies administrative procedures. These new governance models can be replicated by other local authorities and exported to other sectors (green public procurement).
- Create green jobs: Boost companies’ competitiveness and the skills and capacities of their current and future workforce in the area of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the province of Girona by leveraging local micro energy service companies (MESCO). More than 132 jobs will be created thanks to the BEenerGi programme.
- Reduce the risk of forest fires: 67.50% of Girona’s surface area is covered by forests. The biomass boilers installed in municipal buildings will use local biomass fuel from municipal and private forests. The BEenerGi programme mobilises the local biomass market and encourages the management of 2,821.5 hectares of Girona’s forests.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

Beenegi has already engaged 64 Girona Covenant municipalities and 47 % of them have a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants. Beenergi team gives technical, legal and financial assistance to mobilize investments to increase energy efficiency in street lighting (27 municipalities) and public buildings (39 municipalities). At the moment, the amount of investments that Beenergi team is working with are 23.21 meur:
- Investments with a MESCO contract already signed: 1,62 meur (individual tendering launched by municipalities or Ddgi and assisted by Beenergi team): 0.52 meur EPC Street lighting and 1.37 energy supply for public buildings (and district heating)
- First bundled EPC street lighting investments tendering procedure published in public official journeys: 1.90 meur
- First joint procurement tendering procedure has been launched: 0,07 meur
- First bundled energy supply contract to install a biomass boiler in Celrà and to create a district heating for public buildings in Riells i Viabrea i Sant Joan de les Abadesses is ready to be launched: 0.48 meur
- Preparing tendering documents for the second joint procurement tendering procedure published in public official journeys: 0.12 meur
- Preparing tendering documents for the second first bundled EPC street lighting, investments: 1.85 meur
- Preparing tendering documents for the second energy supply contract, investments: 0.37 meur
- Proposal prepared and submitted to the ERDF managing authority to mobilize mobilized combing ERDF and EPC financing schemes and MESCO contracts: 11.60 meur
- Technical, financial and legal assistance to launch individual tendering launched by municipalities: 4.87 meur of EPC Street lighting MESCO contract and 1.02 of energy supply contracts in public buildings

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

In this first period 39 SMEs have participated in the capacity building activities to become MESCOs and . As well a workshop between financial institutions, local SMEs and local authorities was organised involving 69 people with 87 bilateral meetings (most of them between financial institutions and SMEs). Beenegi project has been explained in four European events, and Beenergi has been involved in four Interreg programmes to disseminate Beenergi results: two interreg Europe (Finerpol and Bio4eco) and two interreg MED (Stepping and Sherpa). Four local authorities mainly in MED area are already interested in replicate Beenergi financial and organisational schemes.

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