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The development of a process monitoring and control system for the leather industry

An integrated system for monitoring conditions within a process vessel has been designed and tested under industrial conditions. The system consists of instruments capable of monitoring the pH, temperature and visible spectrum within a tannery vessel. It also allows for the control of processes by comparing results with predetermined values (input by a technician) and adjusting conditions in the process based on the comparison.

The hardware has been designed to allow the addition of a range of chemicals to the vessel and to alter temperature within it. Software has been written to collect data from the monitoring device, compare it with the technologists' requests and to facilitate the appropriate action, adding chemicals or adjusting the temperature as necessary.

The final phase of research focused on developing a system capable of monitoring the visible spectrum of the process liquor. Such a technology would prove to be of considerable benefit to the tanning community. The rate and the extent to which tanning materials and dyestuffs interact with skins and hides have a pronounced effect on the quality of the resulting leather and the amount of material lost to the effluent.

The spectral monitoring system measures the visible spectrum within a tanning vessel, providing information on when the process is complete and the extent of exhaustion achieved. This not only improves the repeatability and efficiency of processing, but also minimises the environmental impact of dispensing excess materials to the effluent.

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