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DiluteParaWater Report Summary

Project ID: 339754
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: France

Mid-Term Report Summary - DILUTEPARAWATER (Long-Lived Nuclear Magnetization in Dilute Para-Water)

Para-water is an analogue of para-hydrogen, where the two proton spins are in a quantum state that is antisymmetric under permutation, also known as singlet state. The populations of the nuclear spin states in para-water are believed to have long lifetimes, just like other Long-Lived States (LLSs). This hypothesis can be verified by measuring the relaxation of an excess or a deficiency of para-water, also known as a ‘‘Triplet–Singlet Imbalance’’ (TSI), i.e., a difference between the average population of the three triplet states T and the population of the singlet state S. We have adapted procedures for Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (D-DNP) to prepare such a TSI in frozen water at very low temperatures in the vicinity of 1.2 K. After rapid heating and dissolution using an aprotic solvent, the TSI should be largely preserved. We studied the lifetime of water as a molecular entity when diluted in various solvents. After dissolving, one should be able to observe a TSI by monitoring intensities in oxygen-17 spectra of H2O. Alternatively, fast chemical addition to an activated aldehyde or ketone can provide evidence of the lifetime of para-water. Proton signals that relax to equilibrium with two distinct time constants can be considered as a hallmark of a TSI. We are working on several experimental procedures to preserve and “reveal” dilute para-water in bulk.

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