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AIDA: alternatives for international document availability

Work was carried out in order to establish Italian and Portuguese library networks thus providing an international interlending and document supply service for Italian and Portuguese documents. In tandem the service can be used by Italian and Portuguese customers for access to foreign documents. The project created a set of standards for Italy and Portugal, allowing considerably improved access to interlending and document supply (IDS) services, including full information system network (ISO) interlibrary loan (ILL), in those countries, and to services in Europe by Italian and Portuguese nationals. The regulation of services and standardization (and lowering) of charges for document retrieval should lead to a dramatic increase in IDS transactions and a consequent surge in access to a hitherto under-utilized resource.

The specification documentation and software within the pilot implementation are classified as restricted or confidential. Management reports from the end of each phase are publicly available, as is the study on IDS market needs and potential demand, which covers both Italian and Portuguese national markets and their relationship to the wider European market. A report on the assessment of the pilot service results, an information dissemination report and a final report are being published.

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