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ARCA: access to remote catalogues by implementing SR target functions

The project has developed a general software package (tool) that allows existing online public access catalogues (OPAC) to act as SR targets. The project has also developed a SR client, with a graphical user interface, that allows end users to access the OPAC. The SR target tool is based on a description of the OPAC characteristics (eg access points) stored in a dictionary with a well defined structure. The SR client has a graphical user interface and provides functionality to define target libraries domains.

The portability of the ARCA software, made possible by the dictionary and by minimal API definition, will greatly increase the number of OPACs with SR server functionality and, in association, the number of users able to search remote OPACs. In addition, the project will provide a detailed assessment of the benefits for end-users of working in an open library environment. The main deliverables from the project are:
a fully tested prototype;
SR target requirements and architectural specifications;
SR target dictionary scheme;
SR target detailed design;
API specification;
specifications of requirements and architecture for the user interface application.

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