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BTVI Report Summary

Project ID: 617336
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Denmark

Mid-Term Report Summary - BTVI (First Biodegradable Biocatalytic VascularTherapeutic Implants)

The ERC consolidator grant ERC 617336-BTVI aims to develop biocatalytic implants for a highly localized synthesis of drug molecules. This technology is poised to generate drugs at the site where the drugs are needed, in a quantity required, and the time needed. To make this happen, this project pursues the development of biocatalytic implants, that is implants which can perform catalytic bioconversions. We develop implants based on soft tissue towards implantation into vasculature (embolic beads) and metallic implants for cardiovascular applications. Tools of biocatalysis are engineered into these implants such as to empower biomaterials towards the performance of enzyme-prodrug therapies. We also design novel prodrugs for efficient and potent enzyme prodrug therapy. Parameters and performance of enzyme-prodrug therapy are investigated for diverse drug targets from in vitro validation to in vivo utility of this technology.

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