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DALI: document and library integration

The DALI project developed, piloted and evaluated a service for multimedia document delivery in a distributed environment, using SR. The service provided intelligent user support within a library based infrastructure. Authorisation and cost recovery is supported. A modular software package was developed with an open service provider architecture. This enabled incorporation of existing standards and international standards, in an attempt to provide a seamless migration path between them; enhanced in an attempt (ISO) SR service to access distributed catalogue information through both direct real-time searches and stored searches. A set of request delivery options are provided ranging from postal to electronic document delivery using directory and e-mail service standards; Problems in the delivery of a pilot service were investigated from the viewpoint of both libraries and users, including copyright issues.

DALI provided, in three countries, a prototype SR-based search, retrieve and multimedia document delivery service, accessible by a number of communications systems and capable of accessing a number of servers, both local and remote. These servers are maintained by European domain specialists and publishers. The service was focused on the domains of oceanography (marine and aquatic science and technology) but it will be possible to replicate the system in other domains. The project promoted the positive positioning of libraries and librarians in the context of distributed delivery services and the exploitation of information highways as gateways to networked catalogues.

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