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EBP: European books in print

Research has been carried out on an alternative distribution medium for and access point to European Books-in-Print (BIP) records through the use of existing videotext systems in Europe. The project required the collaboration of European agencies which currently publish national versions of BIP in Italy, Spain, France and Greece. The machine-readable records of these agencies were made available through a videotext server based in Italy using ?? (ISBD) record standards. Dial-up access is available from all Member States; the videotext format is Teletel CEPT2.

EBP demonstrated access in videotex to an on-line catalogue of BIP records from Italy, Greece and France. The ubiquity of the Internet had not been established at the outset of EBP. The project showed that an alternative means of trans-European access to up-to-date information on BIP would be feasible.

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