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EDUCATE: end-user courses in information access through communication technology

The EDUCATE project produces a new type of model self-paced user education course in the selection and use of information tools. EDUCATE courses were based on the use of modern information technology, and distributed by means of the academic communication networks. They were short (10 h) and multilingual. They were designed to be transferable within European environments. They covered two subject areas: physics and electrical and electronic engineering. The cost-effective education product can be applied in libraries which have not previously had any kind of training programme. It provided an example of the possibility to leapfrog course development with the aid of new technologies.

End-users (eg scientists, engineers and students) throughout Europe benefited from knowing how to select and obtain required information from the current plethora of sources. By providing education courses, libraries have enabled their patrons to make use of the networks and tools for information retrieval. The EDUCATE courses are freely available for all European libraries and they have extended their services portfolio both directly and by providing the basis for similar courses in other subject disciplines.

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University of Limerick
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